Entangled is a story about different perspectives on an age-old tradition known as Uttarayan, the annual kite flying festival in India. On January 14th, the skies above Ahmedabad, Gujarat are a canopy of color as over 4 million kites take to the air to celebrate the end of winter.  Old and young alike flood the streets and rooftops vying for air space using razor sharp, glass-coated strings to strike competitors’ kites out of the sky.  However, there is a darker, deadlier side to this colorful tradition. Each year there are multiple human injuries and deaths caused by the razor sharp string. The toll on the animal world is even greater as thousands of birds, including endangered species like the White-rumped Indian vulture, fall prey to the glass-coated kite strings spurring on an ever-growing movement of animal rights activists fighting to ban the glass-coated string. Featuring avid kite enthusiasts, animal rights activists and human rights activists, Entangled aims to showcase the varied perspectives on this rich cultural tradition.  This film takes an eye-opening look at this highly competitive activity that is a far cry from what the rest of the world regards as the serene hobby of kite flying.

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